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theblackheartlegacy said: Your writing is just as inspiring as your drawings are! I could picture the whole thing clearly, it was really well written.

chacah said: noooo. don’t feel nervous!

kaosstar said: Aww. *hugs* I’m the same way.

theblackheartlegacy said: Good lord, this was awsm! Gives a real good idea of what type of person he is!

mythologicalmayhem said: Oh man, excellent writing!

These are by far the only best feedback comments I ever had on my writing!

thestirge asked:

That one meme: That one girl with the horns, and that guy with the face, and then that other guy, you know the one. And then if you feel like it, isn't there that one pale guy?

I’m terribly shy about my “writing”, but if you can live with the jumbled babbling, I’ll write more for them all?

So far, this is all you get before I embarrass myself too badly.

2. How old they are.
"How old…?" A raised brow is accompanied by a not-quite-sincere smirk. "Tell you what." He pauses to hesitantly raise the bottle, neatly cradled between his fingers, to his lips. It doesn’t quite touch his skin, and he takes a deep breath, holding the half-full, half-empty, object in place, "What do you say I was born in whatever makes me 29 again, eh?".
3. One strange thing/quirk/defining characteristic of their body or physical appearance.
A laugh rumbles deep in the throat of the Chiss. “What if I told you I once lost a fist-fight with a Trandoshan?” ‘Zaid clears his throat, absentmindedly stroking the scars covering his neck, before snapping his attention back to you with a curious glint in his eyes. “Don’t give me that look — told you I lost, didn’t I?” Trailing his fingernails along his collarbone with a grunt, his eyes are back to the card-game on the table. “Got plenty more scars, if you’re ever, what do we say… Curious?”

ana-mai-draws asked:

How did you develop your art style? Who was your first OC, and how have they changed from then to now?

Hmmm, my art-style, you say?

First of all, let me thank you for the compliment in that statement — having a particular style is something I weren’t quite sure I even had, as it all seems fairly inconsistent to myself.

How it’s developed, though, have been a long journy through various methods and “styles”. Where I am now, I’ve mostly learned by myself, but with obvious influence picked up from other people here on tumblr especially.

He isn’t my first OC, that one he can’t take credit for, but ‘Zaid will always be my most special character. At least to me personally.

He used to be a minor character meant to be killed off later on in the story, but the one dimensional nuisance grew into a rather well-developed character before he was due to expire further in on the plot.

He went from a gritty, no good Bounty Hunter who only existed out of spite to be a royal pain in the other characters’ asses, to actually becoming part of the “family”.

Hope this answered some of your questions, otherwise feel free to ask me to elaborate anything you’re still curious about.

AskBox is always open!

Have a nice day,


smearedblack asked:

Your drawings have inspired me to give SWTOR another go, I hope you're happy in the knowledge that my Imperial Agent is now level 31 and I have spent the entire weekend hunting terrorists.. ._.

That’s awesome! And thank you for the message!!

I’m so excited I’m not even sure what to write, but, level 31 is hella good work! If you’re ever on the Ebon Hawk, give me a shout, yeah? I just hit 31 with ‘Zaid, my Bounty Hunter, as well.

Hope you have a great day!

With love,


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