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Sometimes I wanna race in, guns ablazin’
‘Cause I’m so tense and I lack the patience!
But I’m an artist makin’ a statement
My gun is the brush — and I’m gonna start paintin’!
J.T. Machinima, hit man rap

So, I’m pretty sure she’s pissed off about everyone else being dead and what-not

Ipad zabrak without any real idea or reason right there

So I started working on an iPad thing becquse my computer is dead for goddamn good, oh no, without backup of anything OH NOOOO

So, this guy, Ouzzo, have been keeping me sane in an insane time in my life, and that is just the kinda thing I’m a huge sucker for.

I should have been asleep, but fuckit for just this once — i had to do this thing. Or start on it, something.

You’re a keeper, Ouzzo, you are a goddamn external part of the family, and I fuckin’ love you. Shh, only shotgun weddings now, shhhh.

Yeah, you’re right, it’s probably time for you to leave — but take my conscious with you when you leave, and let me continue mixing blood and poison in my veins. 

Oh apathy,
Don’t patronize me
I wasn’t staring at nothing for nothing
Oh, apathy,
Don’t hypnotize me.
Once upon a time,
I thought I really stood for something
Something much greater than my love
If I just took the time, stop all of my talking
Maybe I’d remember what it was, what it was

Well, apathy,
Don’t patronize me
Wake me up,
I dare not sleep another hour
I’m waiting for the mission bells
My greatest fear is that I’ll wait for you forever
And still I’ll never hear the sound, hear the sound
I can’t let that happen now

Ooh ooh,
Ooh ooh ooh, 
Ooh, ooh,

Oh, apathy,
Don’t patronize me
The starry night is nothing like what I expected
Can’t let it get under my skin
This is not the dream I long ago imagined
Then again,
Nothing ever is, 
Ever is, 
Ever is.

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